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Julian of Norwich El Morya Native American

Circle of Existence


  • Ambient Bach - Relaxing Variations and Adagios.
    The works of Johann Sebastian Bach are pure musical genius. Ambient Bach is modern relaxing variations that aim to capture the timeless spirit of the Bach originals.
    Download a free MP3 from Ambient Bach (Goldberg Variations).

  • All is Well.
    The mystical revelation of Julian of Norwich a 14th century english mystic with readings from her book the 'Revelations of Divine Love'.

  • Ascending the Summit.
    Inspired from the book 'Leaves of Morya's Garden' by Nicholas Roerich. The ascended Master El Morya guides the soul on it's journey.

  • Native American - Cry of the Great Spirit.
    The vision of the native american peoples. Black Elk, Chief Joseph, Chief Seattle and others offer a vision of harmony with the Earth.

  • Gayatri Mantra considered the most auspicious and powerful of mantras, the Gayatri Mantra is a free mp3 download.

"In the Universe All things are but the reflection of the Divine,

And in each spark of light the Divine Energy is at play.

In the milky firmament the Cosmic Dance shines as stars beyond counting,

Within the soft earth it rises upward In the stem of every flower."


El Morya (Ascending the Summit)


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         Ambient Bach

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Ascending the Summit

El Morya

Cry of the Great Spirit

Black Elk


  Gayatri Mantra


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Ambient Bach is original interpretations of JS Bach classics. Music from The Goldberg Variations, the Well Tempered Clavier and the B minor Mass are featured on the CD.