El Morya


El Morya Khan is the ascended Master of the First Ray, the Ray of purpose and will. El Morya Khan is perhaps the most renowned of the Tibetan mahatmas but paradoxically little biographical information of a traditional nature is available about him. It is known that he was born a Rajput prince in the Indian class of warriors and rulers esteemed for their courage and honor. The date of his birth is uncertain.

What makes the life of Master El Morya so notable is his far-reaching work in the merging of the ancient spiritual truths of the East with the traditions of the West.

Master El Morya assists those wishing to "destroy" the old, unserving thoughtforms, beliefs and feelings that block their ability to realize spiritual enlightenment. He also helps in the control of one's willpower and tolerance when life seems difficult.


'Ascending the Summit' cd from the Circle of Existence was inspired by the teaching of El Morya as given to Nicholas Roerich in the book 'Leaves of Morya's Garden'. An uplifting meditation of words and music.


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El Morya

el morya

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The Spirit of Christ breathes across the desert of
life. Like a spring It wears Its way through the solid rocks. In the milky firmament It radiates in lights beyond counting, and rises upward in the stem of every flower.

El Morya

Leaves of Morya's Garden (Nicholas Roerich)



Circle of Existence
Mandalas are found everywhere in human culture especially where awareness of unity is understood. They are widely used for meditation and healing.