han returns to earthThink upon your everyday life, its pains and joys …and then imagine that one day, out of the blue, when you awaken and open your eyes, you behold a Chinese Sage in the corner of your bedroom. You receive a high-octane transmission of love, wisdom and energy. You blink, and he’s gone. Only to re-appear, at different times, at each moment bringing the same extraordinary infusion. Your life changes. You will never be the same, Your teacher, your Beloved has arrived to shake you and stir you. This happens to Jack Goodman, a teacher of t’ai chi who lives in London.

qi gongQi Gong uses sequences of gentle movement and meditative concentration on the body’s energy centres to stimulate, balance and unblock the subtle energies that keep us physically and mentally healthy and strong. Developed over several thousands of years, Qi Qong exercises heal mind and body by mentally stimulating the same miridians that are used in acupunture. Gradually the blocked energy channels become cleared, reawakening the feeling of being full of life and free of aches and pains.
looking for dorisIn Looking for Doris, Ellie Rose takes us by the hand and leads us through the front door of a house in North London into a compelling and unusual love story. Barely leaving the house, we walk with Ellie onto an invisible pilgrim's path and then discover through stories enfolded in stories, that the world travels with us. Layers of reality, from the sensual to the transcendent, gradually reveal themselves as Barbara Brown's exquisite prose draws us into the heart of the quest. Ellie's search becomes our own.