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Years ago, I created a movement sequence based on the 10 sephirot (spheres) of the Tree of Life from Kabbalah, I love the energy and the wisdom implicit in the diagram of the Tree.( Warren Kenton -Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi- was my first Kabbalah teacher. His books are beautifully crafted.)

For some years I taught The Moving Tree. Through this, others found their own embodiment and understanding. Now I have made a film of this work.. Hashaq – loosely translated from the Hebrew as ‘passionate love.’

Some movements are based on classic t’ai chi sequences. The rest derives from free expression, guided and informed by t’ai chi principles. I found exquisite resonance between t’ai chi and the Tree. In t’ai chi we have the central axis of balance – the Three Treasures of head, heart and belly – and the dynamic interplay of yin and yang, feminine and masculine. In the Tree, we have the central pillar of consciousness, the left-hand pillar of form – feminine – and the right-hand pillar of force – masculine.

The first 4 movements through the first four sephirot on the lower face of the Tree suggest all the aspects of humanity’s life embodied upon earth: body, ego, thinking and life-force and sexual energies.

The next 3 express the awakening soul and the guiding forces of the angels of discrimination and judgement, and compassion. The dark sephirah takes us through the abyss, to shed our identity and arrive at the upper face of the Tree The final three movements are inspired by the Great Mother who governs all life’s laws and principles; the Great Father who governs the thrust of inspiration, and all creativity, and finally the Ocean of Mystery where we disappear – to be re-born.

The Tree illustrates a dynamic phenomenon, forever unfolding. The polarities of form and force require balance; the central column keeps us aligned and one-pointed. We can use the Tree as a map and guidance for meditation and contemplation. We keep moving and receiving. Blessed are we.


"I felt that a hidden master came to the world, took a physical appearance, and gave us a sacred gift. I received something I cannot put words to."
Pierre Yves Vannay Switzerland

"It is what it is. This film offers no apologies and no preaching polemic. A compelling, unidentified being arises from a timeless and elemental backdrop with a spare, discreet text for us to use or discard on this mystical journey. Truly a work of Art."
Julia Deakin London